Month: December 2014

Color Therapy: Indigo

Show me something blue and I’m falling head over heels before you can even say “So beautiful!” Indigo is such a lovely word for blue. I even love the way it’s pronounced and the feelings and images it may conjure. When I hear the word indigo, I think of the dyes made for textiles and dark beautiful rooms.



The Indigo Lattice

My blog is called The Indigo Lattice for two simple reasons- ok, maybe one complicated (hey, we can’t all be simple), one simple reason.

Complicated reason #1: I love blue in general. I don’t think I’ve ever met a shade of blue I didn’t like. The Blue Lattice sounded so generic and something even I would lose interest in over time. So, I decided to go with a specific shade of delicious blue. It came down to navy and indigo. There is just something about the word “indigo” that evokes my imagination.

Indigo Bedroom by sainsbury's autumn winter 2014