Color Theory: Red, White, and Blue

I recently just bought a red blanket for my bedroom. It is super soft and cozy and keeps me warm when it’s cold at night. My curtains, rug, picture frames, and artworks are dark blue. The walls are white. When I first got the blanket, I wasn’t sure it was going to work. Maybe I need new curtains, but that might be an excuse to go shopping since I still love them. The red blanket is nearly garnet(I know the website calls it burgundy), but it’s growing on me. I decided to search for inspiration to reassure myself. I think it helped.

I’m not a fan of red and blue rooms in general. I’m kind of afraid to try it. As much as I love America, I don’t want to decorate my room patriotically.

In John Knott and John Fondas's Maine master bedroom, the patriotic theme sprang from Fondas's collection of Washington memorabilia and American flags. Independence Toile covers the daybed next to a 19th-century English campaign chest. Walls are covered in Quadrille's Independence Engraving.

Photo via House Beautiful.

They have a slideshow of several red, blue, and white rooms.

However, as I kept looking at red and blue rooms, I found that it can be done glamorously especially if iconic Miles Redd was behind it. Take a look below and see the rest of the apartment here.

The gallery of a Manhattan home by Miles Redd features a bench by John Rosselli Antiques and Decorations and a leather-covered door trimmed with silver nailheads; the floor is painted in a faux-marble pattern, and the walls are lacquered Yves Klein-blue.

Photo via Elle Decor.

This one(below) was nicely done. Not too formal or obviously patriotic. A cozy mix of what I like to call Modern Tradition.

An antique red dresser and weathered shutters set the color scheme for this bedroom. Windows are a dramatic backdrop for Ethan Allen's Quincy bed, with Roman shades from The Shade Store. The dusty blues and greys add a light-reflective quality to the room and the ideal compliment to the brighter touches in the duvet, blanket, and pillows.

Photo via Country Living.

I am actually in love with this room!!!!

The living room was designed by Meredith Heron. See the rest of her gorgeous house here.

This photo(below) is a beautiful combination of red, white, and blue. I just had to share it. It’s very nicely done by Lillian August.

Photo via Traditional Home.

Laurel Bern wrote a nice blog about red, white, and blue rooms and tips on how to avoid making the room look like our flag.

This room is staged by Ikea. I’m not really sure if it should count, but I really like it. So…here it is!

Photo via Curbly.

I love the dramatic flair of this dining room.

Red White and Blue Rooms: From Classic to Contemporary | Decorating Files | #RedWhiteBlueRooms #RedWhiteBlueDecorating

Photo via House to Home.

The Decorating Files has some beautiful rooms in her blog about red, white, and blue rooms. Read it here.

I couldn’t resist, y’all. I had to throw in a color related cake. Isn’t it beautifully unique and fun?

I don’t know about you, but after seeing these pictures, I was reassured of the potential of having a red, white, and blue room. What about you? It’s a bold move, but would you try it?


  1. You’ve done a beautiful job of showing us the many ways you can decorate with red, white, and blue. Like you, I love the living room done by Meredith Heron. Each time I see it, I’m ready to redecorate a room in my home. Thank you for the inspiration and for including The Decorating Files in your post. 🙂


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