Month: March 2015

Decorating Theme: Floral

Sorry about the delay in getting this post out! It’s been a busy week!

It looks like spring is here to stay and that usually strikes a lot of spring inspiration. For me, the particular inspirations are floral and botanical patterns.

Painted watercolour florals inspired Sainsbury’s In Bloom collection.



The Spotlight: Spring Inspired Living Room

Happy first day of spring!

Shades of Purple and Warm Gray - Living Room

This living room with all the right shades of greens, browns, and purples is an inspiration of spring. When everything turns green and all the flowers bloom to their full beautiful potentials, spring makes me happy. Looking at this room makes me happy. The colors are just bright enough to lift spirits, but the brown in the furnitures keeps things grounded. I think this room is an excellent example of how it invoked feelings and set a mood, which is what you want to try and do when designing a room. I’m totally loving that green wallpaper and purple rug. Is purple the right choice of word here? If you know who designed this room let me know. (Photo via The Design Inspirationalist)


Color Therapy: Emerald

In honor of the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day, I wanted to talk about Emerald. Green is my second favorite color, as long as it’s not lime. I’m actually not a huge fan of green with a yellow undertone to it. But I love emerald, kelly green, pine green, mint green, and well, I could on. But, I won’t. Read on to see what Emerald does to my imagination.

Antique Emerald and Diamond Ring. A rich luscious green and crystalline old mine square emerald-cut emerald, weighing 1.35 carats, shines shoulder-to-shoulder with a pair of sparkling old mine-cut diamonds, weighing .35 carat each (.70 carats total), in this truly superb and stunning late-nineteenth/early-twentieth century three-stone ring elegantly rendered in 14K yellow gold.

Emeralds are the birthstones for May.


A History Lesson: Lattice, Trellis, and Trelliage

I love anything to do with lattices and trellises and decided to look in to their history. They have a long past but I made it brief the best I could. People use lattices, trellises, and trelliages so interchangeably, I was nearly confused myself while researching the subject. Hopefully I haven’t added to the mess, but read on for my take on the subject.

Lattice and Trellis originally started out as garden features.

Look at Lattice