The Spotlight: Spring Inspired Living Room

Happy first day of spring!

Shades of Purple and Warm Gray - Living Room

This living room with all the right shades of greens, browns, and purples is an inspiration of spring. When everything turns green and all the flowers bloom to their full beautiful potentials, spring makes me happy. Looking at this room makes me happy. The colors are just bright enough to lift spirits, but the brown in the furnitures keeps things grounded. I think this room is an excellent example of how it invoked feelings and set a mood, which is what you want to try and do when designing a room. I’m totally loving that green wallpaper and purple rug. Is purple the right choice of word here? If you know who designed this room let me know. (Photo via The Design Inspirationalist)

Ranunculus - so pretty

Flowers and sunny days are often what I think of when I come across the word ‘spring’. Ranunculus are quickly becoming one of my favorite flowers. Probably because they look a lot like Peonies.(Photo via Pinterest)


I hope you enjoy all the lovely days to come. (Photo via Up to Date Interiors)

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