The Spotlight: Blue, Gold and White Kitchen

Sarah Richardson is one talented lady. She is at least an author, designer, and tv show host. I, unfortunately, haven’t read her new book and I don’t currently have cable- so no HGTV for me. But I have seen some of her design works. Take a look at this kitchen.

Sarah Richardson's Blue & White Kitchen.... I love the royal blue and gold together. This is from a great blog I follow!

Normally a kitchen like this is far too white for me. But there’s enough royal blue and gold in there to warm up the space for me.

if I ever have the change to get rid of the existing island in my kitchen ... love this concept with the extended eating area.

There’s also quite a bit of pattern play from the wallpaper and the curtains. I love the warmth from all the gold hardwares and fixtures. It adds elegance to an otherwise playful but traditional kitchen. I also love that the solid chairs, island, and cabinets balances out the patterns, keeping everything from being too overpowering. I can’t get over how it’s just the right balance of everything and I know that takes talent.

Get the rest of the tour here over at The Inspired Room.

I’m over white kitchens, but the more I look at this kitchen, and the more I think about it, this is quickly becoming one of my favorite white-ish kitchens. What about you? Do you still like white kitchens or is this the step in the right direction?


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