Book Club: The New Bohemian

Once in a while, there’s a book worth the wait. This was one of them. The New Bohemian by Justina Blakeney.

I love bohemian and I’m a little free-spirited. But bohemian is not entirely my style. I’m a bit more eclectic. As I read this book, I discovered there were six types of bohemians: Modern, Earthy, Folksy, Nomadic, Romantic, and Maximal. Who knew? I didn’t. This is why I read (Preferably hard copy, thank you. There’s more magic involved.). I’m a bit of an earthy and nomadic bohemian. Lately, my collection of live greenery has been growing. That’s due to what’s well known as “trial and error.” My Christmas cactus has been hanging in there for about seven years. Impressive life span, don’t you think?

newboho justina blakeney

Whenever I travel to a new place, I always try to pick up a little something, a little souvenir. The older I get, the more I try to avoid picking up touristy souvenirs. Touristy things don’t seem to be as meaningful to me because they’re not unique. But coffee mugs. I could collect those all day. Anyway, the photo above is from the Earthy Bohemian chapter(Love that they used driftwood as a tray.) and the photo below is from Nomadic Chapter (Paige Morse’s home is pretty much my dream home now.).

The New Bohemians 17.jpg

I love that Justina has added “Adopt An Idea” at the end of each home chapter. What a creative way to call attention to detail and open your eyes to new design concepts.

The New Bohemians book by Justina Blakeney via

(Photo via Happy Mundane)

Check out a few more fun pictures.


I love this idea! I never would have thought of this, but what a fantastic way to display your plant collection.

Stunning color combination. Can’t get over it. So bold yet it makes me happy to see it.


This is from one of the Maximal homes. It’s also, in my opinion, one of the happiest homes. I love their collection of globes in the fireplace and all their treasures on the mantel. (Photo via Honestly WTF)


This photo is from the Nomadic chapter of Paige Morse’s home. This home is easily my favorite. There’s so much personality and drama in this home without being too over the top. Can I move in? (Photo via Emily Henderson)


Love this modern bathroom! All those plants and woods would make me feel like I was taking a bath outside. Now that’s a luxurious concept. (Photo via Emily Henderson)


This is a fantastic eclectic mix of dining chairs. I wouldn’t mind trying this out. (Photo via Honestly WTF)

THE+NEW+BOHEMIANS--Illustration by Monica Ramos

This is one of the end pages when you flip the hard cover open. I am head over heels for it! There is no end to Justina’s creativity! Read her story about them here.

Add this book to your bookshelf today!!!

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  1. Good read – I always love to look at reviews, but when you also see from someone’s blog (and their other decor, etc.) it seems more relative.
    Like you, I have an eclectic style, I also wouldn’t say I can go ‘full’ bohemian, but I love that very carefree style and love being around it.


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