Favorite Finds: A Few Random Things

Check out these random few things I’m loving right now.

I came across this photo when I was reading Abigail Ahern’s post on 10 Steps to a Stylish Office and I was immediately smittened with these dishes. How awesome is it that these dishes look likes pieces of a picture or a tapestry? What’s more intriguing to me is that you can’t see the whole picture. It leaves a little something to the imagination and I love that concept!  Do you know where I can find something like this? Please let me know.

Detail Collective | Lifestyle | Indoor/Outdoor Spaces | Design & Image: JLF + Associates

This home is simply amazing! I love how this home’s boundaries have been seamlessly blended with the outdoors. I mean, this spot is like going out for a picnic but you get the comforts of your home.

Detail Collective | Lifestyle | Indoor/Outdoor Spaces | Image: Avanto Architects

This pre-fabricated part of the shed is used as a bedroom retreat and what a retreat it is. I’d be happy to wake up to this view everyday. Actually, can I just move in? (Are you noticing a trend yet that I’d like to own several houses?) Get the rest of the fabulous tour here from Detail Collective.

Annnndddd…..how about these punjammies?


That’s right! Punjammies! Finally, there some great looking pj’s. I discovered Sudara while reading Elements of Style’s post on them.
Polamma Full

I love that these look fashionable enough to step outside in. No more feeling embarrassed over old and obvious pj’s. I loved these so much that I immediately bought one for my mom for mother’s day. I was a little anxious that maybe I loved the punjammies more than her. To my relief, she actually loved it! This raspberry one below is the one that I got her. The two punjammies above are the ones I want to buy for myself! I mean, I really need some cute wardrobe to sleep in.

Prema Full

People Are Not Property Tank

This company has dedicated itself to helping the women of India to stay out of sex-trafficking. It’s an added bonus to support these other women who are trying to change their lives while buying these punjammies. I am all for companies like Sudara. I also love that they came up with “punjammies.” It has to do with the area they’re located in: Punjab, which is in the northwestern part of India. This is one play on word that I can appreciate. Check out their website to learn more-especially under the FAQ section.

And finally….my big news: I’m engaged. I’m still hoping to post regularly, but forgive me if I fall through. You may need to tap me on the shoulder to remind me to take a breather.


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