Month: December 2015

Inspirational Words: New Year’s

Happy New Year’s!



I don’t really believe in New Year’s resolution. It doesn’t seem to work for me. I think I generally create a list that says here’s what you will and will not do and maybe that sets the bar a little high for me. Like trying to say I will eat better. Most of us know that we will eventually fail, right? So, what I do instead is make sure I keep trying to eat better. After all, if at first you don’t succeed, try again. So here’s a short list of what I would like to keep achieving:



Design That Domaine: Couches

As you all know, we just recently moved into a much nicer apartment and decided to kick the futon to the curb (no, not really. It was returned to its rightful owners.)

Our first stop was Morris Sokol. Actually it was two stops but both times- in their process of closing down- all the sofas were sold out and we left with the dining table set instead. It’s working out great. It’s just the perfect size for me to work on puzzles on instead of the coffee table and for me to work on little art projects instead of the kitchen floor at the old place because it wasn’t carpeted.

The next stop was another local store called GDC Home, where we probably sat in every piece of furniture, trying to figure out what we liked.

We liked this slip covered couch but decided it was too beachy for us.


Home Tours

I just realized the other day that I have been blogging for a year. Yes, it’s not been super regular, but I’m getting there. Yay me!

Anyway, the point of this post is that every now and then I come across awesome homes and I want to share them here.


Decorating Theme: Christmas Outside the Box

How is it December already? How is it that Christmas is basically here? Did I blink for a whole year instead of a second or something? I must have. It’s time to decorate for Christmas now.

Usually when I think of Christmas decorations, I think of red and green, but I thought I would share a few decorating options that are not just red and green and obviously Christmas. I think as the years go by, people are decorating less and less with those typical colors, trying to think outside the box.

Angel+Blume shared a few suggestions: