Travel: Helen, GA

This is a post that I’ve been meaning to do for a while. We traveled to Helen, GA back in May-the weekend we got engaged. I don’t even remember how I came across it, but I was charmed at the idea that it was German inspired. That and I really wanted some mountain time.



It’s about two hours away from Atlanta and about five hours from Charleston.

We rented a cabin from Cedar Creek Cabins and stayed in the one bedroom called Hickory Woods. I was pleasantly surprised by it. You know how most places don’t look as good as the pictures. Yeah, well, this place did.

Hickory Woods

This was a great cabin for a getaway. It had a nice kitchen, a hot tub, comfortable couches, and a pool table. Although you could kind of see the other cabins nearby, it was spaced far apart enough to have some privacy. The trees really helped.

It poured shortly after we arrived. Jon and I were ready for dinner, but Taz wasn’t about to let us leave him. He ended up going everywhere with us, which is ok because that’s why we brought him along. I don’t remember the name of the little restaurant we went to, but it was one where we could order the food to go. There’s basically no signal at the cabin and the landline didn’t work that great for us(or something. I’m going to need to start keeping a travel journal.) We spent the rest of the evening in just enjoying each other’s company, watching tv(This is when Jon was introduced to Hawaii Five-O.), and soaking in the hot tub.

After breakfast, we hiked at Dukes Creek Waterfall.


I took this photo. It’s hard to see the waterfall in the photo above, but it’s a glimpse through the trees where it looks a little bit like some rocks are there. When I turned around to face Jon, he was on his knees and I said yes!


I love the sound of waterfall.


We lingered for a little while, enjoying the sound of the waterfall and the river rushing. Also resting for a few minutes because it was going to be a mostly uphill climb back. The walk itself is not bad. It’s about 2 miles long. After that, we headed to lunch.


This was the first restaurant we came across just before reaching Helen, GA downtown. I knew I wanted to eat at a German restaurant and this would do the trick for me. This place was called Hofbrauhaus Restaurant. I didn’t get to  go inside, but Jon went to get someone to set us up outside and said the interior was pretty cool.


This was our view from our table. It was kind of amusing watching people tube down the river. I really wanted to do that, but we had Taz. Might have to get him a baby sitter next time.


Our pricey meat and cheese plate was delicious! We drank authentic german beer, which we also enjoyed. We just enjoyed everything really. It was a nice and quiet little spot.


The only thing I didn’t really like was that the table was set up on pavement, like the outdoor space was an afterthought, which it may have been. But Taz here also enjoyed a little bit of that meat and cheese spot and was actually watching people every now and then tubing down the river. We went downtown next.


This is basically all of downtown. Not very big, but had some pretty architectures to look at. They had a lot of candy shops(I stopped in and bought us some snacks.) and a couple of vineyard shops. We bought a couple of bottles from Fox Vineyard. They have mostly sweet wine, which is what Jon likes. There were also quite a bit of touristy shops. I try to avoid those because generally they’re stuff you could get almost anywhere. Instead, I bought a very cute handcrafted owl figurine made of wood. And, of course, there were a couple more German restaurants.


I thought this was a pretty cool building. And speaking of buildings, downtown Helen didn’t always look like this. It once looked like any other downtown, but a few men got together to brain storm a way to embellish Helen and what you see is the result. Love it when team work pulls through to save a town. Here’s the link for the history story.


We enjoyed coffee out here the next morning one more time before we hit the road back home. You know wedding planning was on my mind the whole way home.

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