Dream Home Inspiration: Wallpapered Powder Bathroom

Powder rooms are full of surprises these days. They’re the perfect space in your home to put up that daring wallpaper that you couldn’t bring yourself to plaster on in your living room. I think it continues to surprise all of us that these tiny rooms can handle more than a punch of personality. But it really shouldn’t. It’s not like we’re in there all day, so that little punch of boldness is all that we need to remind ourselves that we have our own little punch of boldness. We rarely have just one type of personality or one type of style. The living room and the kitchen is where we display our main personality, and we leave little rooms like the powder room and the laundry room to displaying our spontaneous sides.

The Blue and White Chinoiserie Bath:


Powder Room reveal. Spoon flower green grasscloth wallpaper and West Elm Parsons mirror.:


What Everyone Should Know About Decorating With Color via @mydomaine:


Here’s a few more wallpaper I wouldn’t mind waking up to find in my powder bathroom one day:

Cosmic Desert (Cobalt)


Serengeti (Orange)


Yukutori BP 4304 - Farrow & Ball


Daydream (Gray)


Not all wallpaper need to be bold, like that second from the top bathroom. (I love that Parson Mirror from West Elm. It’s one of my favorite mirrors.) Obviously, Hygee & West are my one of my favorites for something bolder with a pattern but, sometimes, you just need a little bit of texture and Phillip Jefferies is the best at that. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Phillip Jeffries Rivets in steel grey for RTT Study with cherry wood, antique brass, polished nickel and gloss white:


grass cloth wallpaper from Phillip Jeffries - i'm still so obsessed. need to take down the closet, remove the floors and then we can get this put up!:


Specialty & Metallic Enchanted Woods 708 in Navy Fantasy:


P Jefferies wallpaper Textile Herringbone 5421 in Kilkenny Cream:


Now, I’ve just got to get the fiancee to agree with me…

What do you think? Yea or nay on wallpaper in the powder bathroom?

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