Month: February 2016

Inspirational Words: Experience


That’s why I travel. There is no better teacher than experience. It’s also why we’re traveling out of the country for the first time. We have never seen any part of South America and we have never seen a rainforest. We could just stay home and read books on traveling or listen to the story tellers of their travels, but I know from my own experiences that in regards to traveling, it just doesn’t have the same impact on you. Words could not prepare me for the awe that I would feel the first time that I saw how deep and grand the Grand Canyon really is. I had heard about the Grand Canyon. I had seen pictures. But it really is nothing like seeing it in person. I can’t wait to see what will knock my breath out in Costa Rica!


Top Ten: February Finds

We are still finishing up on some final details before our big trip. I hate getting shots. I can’t look while they’re administering it. Jon had to hold my hand when the doctor gave me the second shot. While there’s nothing required to get into Costa Rica, they do recommend being up to date on Hepatitis A and Typhoid. We got that squared away, as well as Malaria and Tetanus. Typhoid and Malaria ended up being pills. Typhoid is good for 5 years via pills as oppose to 2 years via shots-so, obviously pills it is. Anyway, let’s move on to happier things that I’ve discovered.


Design That Domaine: Reflecting on Sunburst Mirror


For the longest time, I never understood the appeal of decorating with mirrors. Don’t get me wrong, I totally get that it reflects and bounces light. Great in dark rooms. But, I always thought, why would you have so many mirrors? Do you all really like your reflection that much? Because I don’t like seeing myself in the mirror, I’ve never gotten on board.


The Spotlight: Inviting Outdoor Retreat


Forget that we’re in the middle of February here. Today was so warm that I actually took Taz for a walk without a jacket. That got me looking ahead to spring and living outdoors again. This fantastic outdoor space was designed by Brian Patrick Flynn with Hayneedle for his outdoor deck in his Atlanta home.


Design Ideas: The Romantic Mood

This is my idea of an everyday room with a romantic vibe. You’ve got the waterfall chandelier and a few candle options here mixed in with the texture of sheepskin ottoman and the red curtain(that I imagine to be velvet or silk). I think a tufted sofa with nailhead trims just says romance. I’ve always thought the country style always had a touch of romance to it, so I threw in the buffalo plaid chair with the rustic coffee table. To prevent this room from getting to light and to pull another color from the dramatic art print of the couple dancing in the rain, I added in the black cabinet. I love this overdyed rug with the textured wallpaper.

The Romantic Mood