Design That Domaine: Reflecting on Sunburst Mirror


For the longest time, I never understood the appeal of decorating with mirrors. Don’t get me wrong, I totally get that it reflects and bounces light. Great in dark rooms. But, I always thought, why would you have so many mirrors? Do you all really like your reflection that much? Because I don’t like seeing myself in the mirror, I’ve never gotten on board.

Well, obviously, I cracked. I’m not sure if it’s because the initial obsession of mirrors have faded out a little or because it’s now a staple in home design. And if I’m honest, I’ve always loved the sunburst look. So, I started small. The mirror is probably 10 inches in diameter and is up high enough that I don’t cringe when I walk by and catch a reflection of myself.


I love the gold and the way it picks it up on my bar cabinet and the tray sitting on top. The painting by H. Gailey (a reproduction, I think, because I have no idea if this is by a real artist or supposedly by a group of people in Hong Kong) might be a little small in scale, but I love it with everything here. The drunk horse was my first gift from Jon. Can you tell he’s got a sense of humor?


I got the sunburst mirror from At Home. It’s one of my favorite stores to browse in. I think they’ve got a good selection on flower pots, too- much better looking than the ones at Home Depot or Lowes. Just take a look at the one my palm plant is sitting in, though you can’t really see it and of course, it’s better looking in person. My H. Gailey painting was one of the first arts that I picked up right around the time that I started to really appreciate art. Now I want to start my own little collection, even if it’s just art prints for now. Anyway, I picked it up at the slave market here in Charleston when I was visiting my dad before I moved down here. I still love it. My gold tray and the bar cabinet were from Pier One. They’re not selling either anymore, though they still have some of the Heera Collection.

Do you decorate with mirrors in your home?


  1. Agree, don’t like to see my own reflection either, but do like using mirrors to ’emulate’ some light from the silly rental house. Too many dark areas, even with white paint! Oh wait, I live in Seattle – never mind, it’s also the rain/grey skies. HA HA


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