Top Ten: February Finds

We are still finishing up on some final details before our big trip. I hate getting shots. I can’t look while they’re administering it. Jon had to hold my hand when the doctor gave me the second shot. While there’s nothing required to get into Costa Rica, they do recommend being up to date on Hepatitis A and Typhoid. We got that squared away, as well as Malaria and Tetanus. Typhoid and Malaria ended up being pills. Typhoid is good for 5 years via pills as oppose to 2 years via shots-so, obviously pills it is. Anyway, let’s move on to happier things that I’ve discovered.

1)Television settings can actually be a good source of inspirations and ideas for interior design.

2) I ordered this lovely art for the bathroom. I’ll post pictures of it soon and will probably order another for the bedroom by this same artist, which I mentioned in last month’s Top Ten post.

3) This is one of my favorite homes. It’s so bright, fun, and cheerful, but calm and soothing.

4) As I’m not a designer (yet) and have never done renovations, I had no idea those numbers were not always realistic. Sort of an eye opener.

5) This would be perfect if I were having guests at the wedding. Sorry, guys.

6) This is the best equestrian themed wedding I’ve ever come across. If I had decided to do an equestrian themed wedding, this would be it-and I came close to considering this theme. But Jon doesn’t love horses….yet.

7) I’ve been thinking about collecting cake stands. I got this one for Christmas and really like this fun one.

8) If I could have done a custom wedding cake for our elopement, this would have been it.

9) I enjoyed the story of how this tree house came to be built and that we can rent it on Airbnb. I love how open it is, but also wonder if it would unnerve me how exposed it is.

10) Who knew Drew Barrymore’s husband had an eye for interiors? I wouldn’t mind seeing some more work.

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