Month: April 2016

Home Tour: Patternful Fun by Celerie Kemble

To quote this Lonny article,

Everything Celerie Kemble┬átouches turns to design gold.”

These pictures prove it. Loving the navy seagrass wallpaper with those pops of reds.



A History Lesson: Chesterfield Sofa

The Chesterfield Sofa is one of the most easily recognized style of all sofas. It’s got that stylish tufted back and arms with a slight rolled look to it. The arms and back rests at the same level, contributing to a look that best fits in a club atmosphere or even a library. But this sofa is also so timeless that it fits in anywhere and blends well with all types of styles.


Inspirational Words: Dreaming to Plan

I find this to be very true. A lot of us start out dreaming about the kind of life we want to lead. Only some of us stop to realize that we dream so much about it, that we might as well do something about it. I love to dream about things. Sometimes I even have actual dreams about those things. But, I do need to remind myself from time to time to do something about it and I find that I get better at it as I get older. Probably one of my longest dreams I’ve had is to go over seas and in a matter of weeks, it’s about to happen. Action is what makes you a good story teller and helps to live life to the fullest.