A History Lesson: Chesterfield Sofa

The Chesterfield Sofa is one of the most easily recognized style of all sofas. It’s got that stylish tufted back and arms with a slight rolled look to it. The arms and back rests at the same level, contributing to a look that best fits in a club atmosphere or even a library. But this sofa is also so timeless that it fits in anywhere and blends well with all types of styles.

When we were searching for a couch, Jon tried real hard to convince me to go with leather and the Chesterfield sofa was the only style in leather that I would consider. Of course, he doesn’t like the tufted look. No leather couches this time around.

Recently I shared a picture in this post of a blue velvet sofa that resembles a Chesterfield sofa. Well, I can’t explain it, but it got me curious about its existent.

We have the 4th Earl of Chesterfield to thank for introducing us to the Chesterfield Sofa. Lord Phillip Stanhope wanted a sofa that would allow gentlemen to sit comfortably, but upright, looking presentable. He apparently didn’t want slouches around, wrinkling his clothes. There would be no disgraces! Read these links for a little more in depth history lesson:

The History of the Chesterfield Sofa by London Net Gallery

Unsolved Mystery: The Obscure Origins of the Chesterfield by Apartment Therapy

The Myth of the Chesterfield Sofa by Thomas Llyod (Love the demographics in this post.)

Love these guys’ tips for choosing the right Chesterfield Sofa!

Here’s some more Chesterfield Sofa inspiration and hopefully, these pictures shows how versatile they are.



Have you ever owned a Chesterfield Sofa? Tell me what you liked about it!

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