Design Obsession: Seeking Wall Gallery Ideas

I’m back from the dead-erm, I mean, back from my wedding and honeymoon!! I will share the details on that soon. Just be patience with me, if you will please. It was a pretty neat trip!

For some time now, I’ve been obsessing over wall galleries. It started because I have a blank slate over my tv. I scoured the web and even created my own board on pinterest devoted to just exactly that: wall gallery.


Antonio Martins Interior Design

A Colorful Home in Utah | A Cup of Jo:

A Cup of Jo

Blogger Stylin' Home Tours: Spring Edition - Simple StylingsBlogger Stylin' Home Tours: Spring Edition - Simple Stylings, Spring Office Refresh, DIY Acrylic Paintings, Modern Coastal Office, Spring Flower, DIY Office, Gallery Wall, Ghost Chairs:

Simple Stylings

Steven Gambrel:

The Perfect Bath

Apartment Therapy

Thrift Score Thursday 106:

The Gathered Home

Tips for creating a gallery wall (includes great ideas for inexpensive art):

Driven by Decor

In the past, on-trend "anything-goes" gallery walls have had the tendency to feel a bit overwhelming. It's easy to combat the chaos by choosing, instead, to run with nothing but neutrals. Here, a collection of black, white, and wood-toned pieces feels cohesive and modern.  /:

Better Homes & Garden

Desire to Inspire

Star Turn


SF Girl by Bay

Cubicle Refugee

While my art collection is not nearly as impressive any of these inspirations, I have finally decided what to do. More to come on that later.

Ironically, the first and the last photos are my favorite. The first, because I love horses and I love how it pops out nicely despite everything being black and white. I love the last one because they’re pictures of places, which I sort of started doing. I haven’t kept up on it, but the first few trips that I’ve taken with Jon, I’ve framed at least one picture from each trip.

How do you group your wall gallery collection?


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