The TV Wall Gallery Reveal!

If you caught my last post, you will remember that I have been obsessing over a blank spot over my tv. I had decided to use an artwork that was originally hanging with out with my sunburst mirror and some downloadable art prints that I already had on hand. I had also thought of using my abstract art work here but it didn’t fit very well.

Now that I got a few things picked out. It was time to figure out some arrangements. I probably could have done this all day. As it was, Jon was surprised I even came up with 5 ideas before I realized none of them struck my fancy. Then I came up with a few more ideas.


Option 1


Option 7

Did you see option 8? Not to change subjects, but that photo best captured the color of my rug. That rug is a 6 x 9 but the living room could use an 8 x 10. That’ll be for another day, though.

I first came up with 7 arrangements. Jon liked #5 for its randomness, but I couldn’t handle the lack of balance. I think I was leaning towards #6 but it still felt like a pattern was obvious. After coming up with 3 more options, I finally settled on #9!


Yes, that’s Taz in the corner, being fully aware of his picture being taken. He’s like me- camera shy.


I need a chair next to Taz’s bed by the door. Also saving that for another day.


I love my L.E. Smith emerald glass horse book end. I thought it was such a cool vintage find! Does anyone else display movies like books?


It might be a little hard to read (sorry, still operating off my camera phone), but that does say Costa Rica under the map of the country.


Option #9 is still not a totally random arrangement, but the pattern of it is not totally obvious either. I like that it’ll still allow me wiggle room to add more to the gallery in the future. Etsy, I’ll be coming for you soon!


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