Design Destination: The Peace Lodge

This is easily our new favorite place in the entire world. And by our, I mean me and Jon. This is where we stayed while we got married at La Paz Waterfall and Gardens. This is the Peace Lodge. The Peace Lodge has been voted one of the best Honeymoon destinations outside of the US and one of best small boutiques in Costa Rica. My pictures don’t do this place justice, so you’ll just have to visit to find out for yourself. I’ll also post more pictures of the grounds in another post when I do one on this whole trip.


You see where the hummingbird feeder is? That’s where we stayed. And, boy, did the hummingbirds come by. That was a joy to watch.


The doorway to our room. I thought it was a nice personalized touch to have the last name at the door. But, of course, that’s my maiden name now. The guy who showed us to the room said they would probably change the last name after our wedding ceremony, but I never did pay attention to see if they actually did it.



Is that not the best view? Notice there’s a hammock to the left. That’s where Jon chilled while I got my wedding dress on. There’s also a little outdoor tub to the left. There’ll be better pictures on the website.


That’s an electric fireplace. There’s actually no air conditioner in these building. The Peace Lodge sits at an elevation of about 5,000 feet. So high up that the low hanging clouds pass through in the later afternoons. It certainly did on our wedding day. So, the electric fireplace is to keep us warm at night. Also, see that drink on the mantel? That’s what they greeted us with when they gave us a brief tour of the property. It’s got fresh orange juice (Like, legit freshly pulped orange juice and you can definitely taste the freshness in it when you get it plain for breakfast) in it and the bartender was nice enough to offer a bottle of alcohol to pour in (They only poured in a little-not the whole bottle). As it was our first day there, we weren’t familiar with all the local alcohols.



The water is not running in this photo, but that’s a waterfall wall. It’s just amazing to listen to on top of the birds singing outside.


There were two shower head features: the normal shower head and the waterfall shower head. And I don’t mean the normal waterfall shower head. I mean waterfall like you were standing under a legit waterfall. What’s neat is that you can combine the two feature to run at once, which I did.


The ceiling in the bathroom. This photo does it no justice. It filled up the space without being overwhelming.


How cool is that sink? My wedding coordinator told me that the guy who owns this place is actually an architect. I didn’t get his name and I’m not seeing it in my online search. She said that the sink was hand painted in Costa Rica and she’s not 100% sure, but she was pretty confident that most of the things they used to make this place was made in Costa Rica.


This is peeking down from standing in front of my hotel room where I took that first photo.


I’m not sure how it happened but I don’t have a picture on my phone of the entire room itself, so here’s one that’s similar-if not the exact one-to the room we stayed in that I extracted from the website via pinterest.

Photo Gallery of Peace Lodge, Varablanca, Costa Rica:

I cannot say enough good things about this place. It might be in the higher end of the budget, but so worth it. You can bet we’ll be back-probably for a future anniversary.


Disclaimer: All but the last pictures were taken by me. If you pin or use it, please link back to me.


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