Top Ten: May Finds

    1. Seriously, where has May gone? If someone catches me doing some time traveling, tell them to stop me because it’s messing with my head. Unless I’m bringing myself some nice furniture, then just let me proceed. Anyway, here’s my monthly round-ups.

  1. This DIY by Maggie Overby Studios is seriously an inspiration to me. I’ll have to keep this in mind for the future. Love how high-end this looks.
  2. Beautifully dramatic cake that I almost don’t want to eat. Almost. I actually want to dig right into it.
  3. I love everything teal in this post. It acutally can be a dramatic color choice.
  4. I can’t explain it, but I love everything about this charming house. Maybe it’s that nice balance between the old and the new.
  5. Orange and blue is one of my favorite color combinations. It makes me a happy yet the blue mellows me out.
  6. Thought this was an interesting read. But I agree. Gray is here to stay.
  7. This tea set is totally adorable, but cracks me up. Defintely appreciate the sense of humor here.
  8. This is a cool and edgy way to add a twist to your shelf.
  9. Find out what Frieda Loehmann said to Iris Apfel in this post. Actually a little inspiring to think that beauty isn’t everything.
  10. I’m totally getting this coloring book. So excited!

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