Month: June 2016

This Blue Corner

What a pretty room!:

So much loveliness here! This room is by Katie Rosenfeld Design and she may quite possibly be my new interior design hero. I’ll have to share her portfolio on here soon. Even though I’m still trying to figure out what my design style is, I feel like her work is most like how my designs would turn out- not that we can tell yet as my place is still a work in progress.



Inspirational Words: Thoughts on Luxury

This quote is exactly how I look at luxury. To me, luxury has never been about having the biggest mansion or having 10 fancy cars. It’s not about having all the expensive things. It’s about quality. It’s about being surrounded by beauty and what makes me happy. It’s about spending quality time with my husband and my dog. It’s about appreciating someone’s handiwork on a vintage rococo furniture. It’s appreciating the way the world is when you’re traveling. It’s taking the quality time to grow a garden and admiring it some time later. It’s appreciating the good food that’s been cooked. It’s a luxury to live a life in which you can appreciate things and take the time to be grateful for such a life.

Adding Tropical Leaves to the Home

Although the popularity for tropical leaves has been around for a while, I actually did not entirely get on board until I saw these pillows on the couch of the blogger behind Bliss at Home, Kristin’s living room.