My Elopement in Costa Rica

Some of you may have already seen this on Facebook, but I wanted to share this here as well. If you need a photographer, Madison Baltodano is your girl! Particularly if you happen to be in Costa Rica(like we were), though she’ll cover other areas of the world. She was very sweet and super easy to work with.

Touching back on this post, I had shared the post from the Intimate Wedding blog what my inspiration was for my own elopement. And here we are!

Without further ado, here’s some of her portfolio on our elopement.

la paz waterfall, elopement, wedding

costa rica elopement photography

la paz waterfall garden, wedding

costa rica wedding photographers

Marcelo Galli was a fantastic officiant. He had a fun sense of humor and was clearly an expert at his job.

Melanie Marsell was our on-site wedding coordinator. She did a fantastic job at pulling everything together, from picking out the colors in my bouquet to arranging transportation to the waterfall and around the Peace Lodge site for pictures, to finally setting up our dinner table on the balcony of our room complete with a cake-which was red velvet, with fondant and Grand Mariner frosting. Delicious!

Click here to view her entire blog post of our elopement! I absolutely love how our pictures turned out!

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