Adding Tropical Leaves to the Home

Although the popularity for tropical leaves has been around for a while, I actually did not entirely get on board until I saw these pillows on the couch of the blogger behind Bliss at Home, Kristin’s living room.

I’m not really entirely sure why, but I just fell in love them. And then I fell in love with everything interior design + tropical leaves related. And some fashion. I actually bought a maxi dress from Banana Republic some time ago that I still love, which is no longer available, that had tropical leaves on it. Anyway, you can find these pillows at Stuck on Hue.

No one can entirely pin point when tropical leaves had begun being used in interiors, but popularity picked up when the banana leaf was used in The Beverly Hills Hotel.

And popularity for it picked up again when Dorthory Draper used it in The Greenbriar Hotel. (Picture below.)

Read this fantastic post. It mentions banana leaves, both of these hotels and its designers.

As much as most of us love the tropical appeal (going to beaches, islands, jungles, and rainforests), I could see how tropical leaves can be timeless.

I love how Amber Lewis used the palm leaves in curtains here. After seeing this, I seriously considered getting my own. But, somebody in this house doesn’t much care for green (hint: it’s not me). And she carried it out into the living room….

Love the playful spin on that chair. She uses this fabric throughout the house here and there. Check out the rest of the tour here.

This room is so glamorous! You really can’t go wrong with black, white, gold, pink, and green. The tropical leaves wallpaper is definitely a fun factor here.

Talk about drama! I love it! Ana Donohue was not afraid to play around in this bathroom. I love the chevron touch on the tub. Pulling the black from the wallpaper into the ceiling and the shades added a little romance to the space, but the white tiles, sink and tub really lightened up the space, keeping it from getting too heavy.

How about in the closet? This would put me in a good mood everyday as I’m getting ready for work.


Love the accent wall here. Although it’s not enough color for me personally, this shows that sometimes this is all you need for some color in the room. The wallpaper is nicely balanced out by the wooden side table and headboard. This is bringing the outdoors in.

The English Room shared her love for tropical wallpaper in this post. Loved all of them!

But, of course, we’re not restricted to just green…

The gold on black adds glamour to any room….

And purple is perfect for a fun bohemian look, which is probably what Justina Blakeney had in mind.

The options are limitless. There’s more than just wallpaper, curtains, and pillows.

There are tons of resources for art prints, though here (photo above), Sarah M. Dorsey shows you her own DIY art print.

The color in the background really draws the eye to the minimalist tropical leaves prints.

Also loving the color and simplicity in this art print.

This is another very cool DIY, but this one involves actually using a palm leaf.

Anthropologie is just a cool store to begin with, but how cool is this dresser piece?

The best way, though, to use tropical leaves is by actually using real plants.

Add interest to a hallway by lining it with those little palm trees.

Make a sunroom more inviting by filling it with nothing but tropical plants.

If you have some good size windows (which I don’t), it feels luxurious with plants in the bathroom.

Here’s a quick guide to a few tropical leaves…

Do you have tropical leaves anywhere in your home? I’ve got a Majesty Palm plant out on my patio. I hope it’s happy out there, but it’s hard to tell. Some of the tips of it were turning brown when I put it out there. I had it in my living room for a while before I decided it needed to go outside.


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