Antonio Martins Interior Design

Do you remember me sharing this photo in my wall gallery inspiration post?

I loved it so much that I had to find out more and thus, I was introduced to Antonio Martins Interior Design. His work is fabulous!

This is probably one of the most original ideas I’ve come across for a bathroom vanity.

The flag, the bar collection, the propeller lamp base, and all the rustic touches! Love this vignette!

Love all the textures going on here. I mean, that metal fireplace mantel!

And all of the photos above were in just one house! Take a look at his other various projects below.

This room in the 2016 Showcase House is simple but filled with all these different lines. There’s actually quite a bit to look at. My favorite part would be how the curved sofas reflect the arches in the doorway, the windows, and the ceiling.

Just take a look at that gorgeous bed! I can’t believe that Antonio could be so lucky as to get this as an heirloom piece, which is believed to date as far back as the 18th century. And these Portuguese tiles are a pretty amazing touch of interest. Talk about a fresh perspective on blue and white!

As you know this whole discovery was because I needed some wall gallery inspiration. I mean, did you see the two photos above? They came very close to making the cut in the wall gallery post, but didn’t make it because it was all mostly portraits of people (not my style to have just people on the wall). Still, the inspiration is definitely there. I love all the different frames and the arrangements have no obvious pattern to it, but has balance.

He also does some commercial work, which is only natural since he originally studied hotel management.

This is his office and design studio. With all the exposed brick and that lovely island in the middle, I find this to be a rather charming space.

This may be a hotel outdoor area, but I want to live here!

How cool is this installation with the glass stair railing walls and the pop of colors on the wall?

All of his works are layered with a collected look, as if it took years to complete. Carefully curated. He blends effortlessly across all of the styles-traditional, mid century, contemporary, rustic, etc-, something that I one day hope to achieve.

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