This Blue Corner

What a pretty room!:

So much loveliness here! This room is by Katie Rosenfeld Design and she may quite possibly be my new interior design hero. I’ll have to share her portfolio on here soon. Even though I’m still trying to figure out what my design style is, I feel like her work is most like how my designs would turn out- not that we can tell yet as my place is still a work in progress.

Anyway, back to this corner of the room, I absolutely love how all the blues are pulled together. That fur pillow on the sofa just doubles the texture for me. The fabric and shade of blue on the curtain and chair is just fabulous. And speaking of that chair, I love that she used this more updated fabric on it. It’s just what I would do. I always appreciate the bones of a chair, but usually not so much the fabrics of old. Let’s not forget how obsessed I am with wall galleries these days. I, of course, love the curated look of this one. And, yeah, I’m obsessed with blue, too. Love the lines of the chandelier. Really, I love how simple, but interestingly fabulous this is. How about you?

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