Top Ten: June Finds

We’re well into summer now, but I can’t believe it’s already the end of June! Luckily we haven’t had too many scorching days, but it’s still hot enough to want a nice dip in a pool. Anyway, back to the end of June. I just realized I have almost let the month get away from me with out the usual monthly round up. Without further ado, here are my favorite things this month!

1) Gray Malin has been popular for some time now- best known for his aerial beach photographs, which I can appreciate, but could never relate to since I avoid beaches because of the amount of people it attracts. Now, he’s come out with a new collection that I can totally get on board with. It’s called Gray Malin at the Parker. I totally enjoy these wild animals and the sense of humor.

2) I’ve got a space in my living room that needs some kind of furniture and I enjoyed perusing this list of daybeds.

3) And this list of glorious benches. I’m a bit in love with the mudcloth bench under the industrial category.

4) I am captivated and fascinated by this apartment in Paris. It’s loaded with colors from every family and has lines of every shape. This is bold, going where few have ever ventured before.

5) Love this little lesson on how to use leopard prints and how to identify the best ones. It definitely helped me to see even more how it can be a great neutral color.

6) Had to share because it’s all about indigo.

7) How many people do you know that has anything to do with a magpie? Yeah, me neither. This post shares such a sweet and inspiring story about how a family saved a magpie and their way of life with her. It’s adorable that her name is Penguin.

8) This needs to desperately be my reading chair. Or somewhere where I can curl up in a cozy spot. Don’t tell me you don’t agree.

9) I’m seriously considering this pillow cover for the living room. Love the drama and texture and it will go well with my living room colors.

10) This might be a teensy bit late, but I enjoyed this post with the pictures from the Atlanta Showhouse. Well, not the part where Sherry had trouble getting there. Felt bad for her there.

Have a happy fourth of July!

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