Pattern and Texture in Neutral Chic

Cloth and Kind have done it again. I was reading a post from Coco Kelley and just fell in love with this room! Normally I fall for rooms with multiple colors, but this is how you do a neutral room! I keep wanting to call this black and white, but it’s got other subtle colors at play.

This bedroom has a boutique hotel vibe going on, but was actually a room featured in the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Serenbe showhouse. I love, love, love that wallpaper and love that it was paired with the settee. What a lovely pattern mix. The texture from the mirror and the rug just makes me want to reach into the picture and touch it. The side tables dresses the room up. Love the details on the curtains. It picks up the colors from the settee and the wallpaper and well, probably everything else. I’m not sure why I feel like this is where it all ties in, but it almost feels like one of those things that helps to make the room- a finishing touch, if you will. I think this room gives off the vibe that a world traveler live here.

I love all the natural things going on here. I’m really starting to appreciate masks since getting a Boruca mask from Costa Rica. Again, love that settee. I need it in my life. I have the perfect spot for it. But back to the wall gallery. I think it would have been very difficult to choose a big piece of art without taking away from everything else in this picture, yet it’s masterfully done by keeping it neutral to tie in with everything else.

How fun is that chair? Love its shape and the fringes lining the bottom. The floor lamp is the perfect addition to this room to add in some fun and some texture. I think it’s very bold to use two different curtains in one room, but that’s just what they’ve done here. Sheer curtain can be great for texture though.

This is a great example for mixing patterns and adding texture to a neutral room. This is so far from boring.

There’s more to look at here!

What did you think of this bedroom?


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