Top Ten: July Finds

Summer is almost over and I’m looking forward to fall. It’s always been my favorite season, but I’m still enjoying the summer sun while I can. With another month nearly gone, it’s time for another monthly top ten round ups.

1) So many dreamy places to stay, so little time to see them all. My wanderlust just kicked in high gear.

2) In love with this doormat. Fits me to a ‘T’. Need this in my life.

3) Loved all the rooms in the 2016 Southern Living Idea House. That green kitchen by Billy Ingram is to die for!

4) I’m a Leo and the best cocktail for me is apparently the Frozen Cherry Cosmopolitan. What’s your zodiac cocktail drink?

5) It would be an amazing experience to live in another country. Check out this list for the best countries to move to. I’d be down for giving New Zealand a try.

6) Justina Blakeney does it again! I just want to live in her master bathroom. All that glorious blue!

7) Certain shades of green are my favorite colors after blue. This house is all done up in different shades of green and it is lovely!

8) I’m not a big lipstick girl, though I do enjoy a good color every now and then, but there is just something about this art print that I love. Maybe it’s the Starbucks coffee. Either way, it strikes me as a good motivator when I wake up in the morning.

9) World Market came out with some good stuff and I’m particularly drawn to this black and white tribal patterned love seat. I only wish it had arms and then it could be perfect for the apartment.

10) I am loving all these examples of blue rugs as a statement in a room. Definitely inspiration for me!

Let me know what you think about that green kitchen.

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