Design Destination: Hotel Emma

I’ve been to San Antonio. It’s a very cool place. The river walk was definitely one of my favorite things about the downtown. It has a very romantic atmosphere and you could tell the city has some history to it. Jon and I had gone a couple of years ago to visit my grandparents who live just outside of San Antonio and one of those days was spent with them as our tour guide for San Antonio. They took us out on one of the river boat tours, which is a really cool way to see a city, by the way, but Hotel Emma sits a little north of the downtown where we were. It sits in a neighborhood called the Pearl, which is called so after the Pearl Brewery was the only San Antonio brewery to survive the Prohibition.

This hotel would be a major splurge for me, if we were to seriously consider staying at this place. And if you want a hotel that focuses on details, I think this would be the place for you. I came across this hotel while reading about it on the World of Wanderlust blog and she mentions that the things in the hotel are available for purchase. That would be a major temptation for me, should I ever stay there. And I bet the roof top pool has a pretty cool view of the city.















Hotel Emma has got its own library, a little store-like a gift shop, but not quite- and a couple of restaurants. You pretty much would never need to leave the building- except you would because you’ve got a whole city to check out.

But isn’t amazing how they’ve designed this place? It stills feels true to the building and a bit of its history. I love all the exposed bricks and the walls where it looks like paint is slowly peeling off (that design idea is not a personal favorite of mine, but I love it in this space). All the furniture and the bathrooms are modern, but not too modern.

This is kind of making me want to go back to San Antonio.


*All photos are from the Hotel Emma website 



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