Design That Domaine: Styling Vignettes 

Rearranging is a little bit of a normal occurrence around here. When I get bored with things, I’ll move it around, give it a new home and freshen things up. I’m always trying to experiment with what looks good in a vignette, or a group of things. Here’s a peep of what’s been keeping me busy.

Living Room Coffee Table

You know how they say to group things in odd numbers? As odd as it sounds, it works. For whatever reason, things with an even number feels too formal and incomplete. I still don’t quite understand it myself.

Always gotta have a candle. This gardenia candle smells fantastic! I can smell it without having to light it up.

I played with heights and colors here. Got a little texture thrown in, too. My shagreen tray works great here. It’s the perfect size to hold a couple of books and a few favorite decors. The handles are just too cool. I’m trying to add a little orange in the living room, which is where the orange box comes in. It also hides random stuff, like remote controls. My two vases are faceted (which you may remember from this post) and it’s repeated in the gold vase(which I picked in Hobby Lobby) in the tray.

Dining Room Tabletop

Check out the groupings of three’s here! Don’t they say the power of three or something like that?

To remind yourself of what it looked like before, I had done a post on wicker furniture to introduce my dining room space.

Bar Cabinet 

This area, I particularly love. Not just because it’s my little bar area, but because it’s got a mix of things going on here. That gold sunburst mirror (had a different arrangement in this post) reflects a little light here. The drunken horse adds a sense of humor and a little something solid. My gold wine rack from World Market adds pattern while the beer flight adds a little something orderly with empty glasses. The print adds color and some artistic flair while hopefully the bowl of peppermints makes it inviting. Yes, we love peppermints here, including Taz. Actually, they’re almost exclusively for him.

Bedside Dresser

Here’s what I wake up to. Ever since getting the jewelry display from Urban Outfitters, I’ve fallen in love with keeping jewelry on display. You can’t wear every piece of jewelry every day and this is a great way to still enjoy them.

This cedar box was made by my Great-Grandpa. It still smells fresh when I open it up. It’s just a simple box, but it means so much.

I’m starting to appreciate mixing metal. To me, this works. The silver chrome lampbase doesn’t clash with the gold jewelry display. I think it helps that each has its own pattern to it. That little DIY artwork that has made its home here for now and it pairs rather well with the books. I think most vignettes need a little color to it. Again, I played with heights here to keep it interesting.

How do you like to style your vignettes?

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