Dream Home Inspiration: Dark vs Light Bedroom

Who doesn’t love a bright and cheerful bedroom? I would think it would be more motivating to wake up to and get out of bed. But I can’t imagine anything more cozier than a dark bedroom when going to bed at night or in the colder weather. I’m constantly back and forth on which way I would like to go when we get a house, so I decided to do a little round up to see if it sways me one way or the other.

Are you swayed one way or the other? I think I’m more drawn to the lighter bedrooms, particularly because I think I would feel more motivated in the morning to accomplish things. A darker room makes me feel cocooned and cozy and more than likely to make me reluctant to go to gym. No? Just me? Ah, well. I still want to try experimenting with a dark room. Maybe even the master bedroom. No, maybe not yet. Jon would kill me. He feels that strongly about it. Maybe a dining room- could do something there to set up a pub vibe. I love going to pubs as oppose to bars. You go to bars to get a little crazy. You go to pubs to enjoy your drinks. And sometimes there’s food. Anyway, another thing that I like about dark bedrooms is that it has a little more of a romantic, sexy vibe and I like that in bedrooms. (This song is totally playing in my head right now: “I like big butts and I cannot lie.”) I feel like I’ve just about talked myself back into a dark room, but I know I’ll still stick with a lighter room. At least at first, but never know. I might actually do a blend of both.


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