Month: September 2016

The Subtly of Bar Stools

It was not until I started looking for bar stools of my own that I had noticed that bar stool are not typically used to make a statement, but rather to blend in to allow the kitchen as a whole to be the star of the show. Originally, I wanted my stools to be unique or to have pattern or pops of color, but upon further study, I realized that would have been distracting and even more so, given its location in my apartment.



A Collected Red San Francisco Apartment Hallway

As far as hallways go, this one is intriguing. I love a good hallway that makes you want to explore and get to know the residents of the house. This hallway is from Scot Maecham Wood’s San Francisco apartment. He specializes in cozy spaces, which comes from his love for all things Edwardian, Scottish, and Southern. Plaid certainly seems to be a signature of his.


My Cabin Fever Muse 9.16.16

I’m ready for a weekend getaway and have been searching for a nice looking cozy, pet friendly cabin in the North Carolina Mountains. Needless to say, I’ve got cabin fever right now because I’m loving everything cabin- rustic, wood, texture, huge windows, and coziness.


Book Club: A La Carte

This book was a birthday gift from my husband. I must admit that I had not been aware of A La Carte by Sherrill Canet before and found myself pleasantly surprised by this hidden gem. If you have a love for anything antiques, old world, or traditional styles, then this is the book for you. I have read a few design books, but this, by far, pays more attention to antiques than the rest. I appreciated that I got to learn a little more about good antiques to keep my eye out for when I go browsing through these antique stores, like a Dutch Colonial mirror (similar here). Those are some cool looking mirrors with tons of details. An English Regency chair (similar here) have a cool design to them, particularly when they’re gilded in gold, and a 1940’s Bagues sconce (similar here) is just the thing to dress up a room.


Color Therapy: Lemon Yellow

When I think of the word “lemon yellow,” I think of the word “happy.” It’s a very cheerful color. Synonymous with the sun. We’re all happier on a sunny day. I think of lemon yellow as a summer color, although by taking very extra care, it could be an early fall color. Now that Hurricane Hermione is gone, it feels like fall is here, though I can still feel some of the summer heat.