Color Therapy: Lemon Yellow

When I think of the word “lemon yellow,” I think of the word “happy.” It’s a very cheerful color. Synonymous with the sun. We’re all happier on a sunny day. I think of lemon yellow as a summer color, although by taking very extra care, it could be an early fall color. Now that Hurricane Hermione is gone, it feels like fall is here, though I can still feel some of the summer heat.

Did you know that lemon yellow was first labeled a color name in 1598? And then added to the Crayola Crayons in 1949? Lemon yellow appears to have been first discovered in 1809, but perhaps was not perfected until the 1830’s. This link is a very brief history of lemon yellow.

We all know yellow is the most cheerful color in the spectrum, but did you realize that it could help with your thinking process? Not only does yellow invoke happy energy, it could invoke bad energy. It sometimes represents jealously and cowardice. Read more on this post about how yellow plays into our emotional state.

In one of the Hindu social class, yellow represented the Vaishya caste. And in 1357 during Japan’s War of Dynasty, the warriors wore a yellow chrysanthemum to represent courage.

Ironically, during the 10th century in France, the doors of traitors and criminals were all painted yellow. I guess that makes sense, since in security code, yellow means caution. Read more of this post on what yellow means in different cultures.

Another reference to lemon yellow in a culture is Italy. Lemon is everywhere over there. The weather is great for growing lemon trees like we can out in California. Here’s an article about the business of lemons in Italy. Lemon yellow also seems to be a popular color choice in interiors, exteriors and even their little fiats and scooters. Lemon is even incorporated in this restaurant that’s now added to my Italian bucket list. This amazing place is called Da Paolino Lemon Trees Restaurant located in Capri. I’m sure you guys are also familiar with one of their world renowned drink, Limoncello.

My Houzz: Jeanie Engelbach

The best rooms in which to use yellow are hallways as these are usually dark and yellow is a welcoming colour and also in the breakfast room to help create a sunny, happy way to start the day. -Karen Haller, The Design Sheppard

I completely agree with Karen Haller about yellow in the hallway. What a perfect way to add a little cheer to your day. Read this post on how to decorate with general color of yellow in interiors.

Here’s a few more lemon yellow interior design inspiration:

Lemon yellow isn’t just for homes. Check out this fish market’s space!

Lemon yellow in interiors isn’t where the imagination ends either. Here’s how else you can add a little bit of that sunny moment to your life.

Enjoy a piece of art in the dining room. Or better yet, the kitchen!

Add some fun to a party by dressing up your dining table with black and white with pops of lemon yellow.

Simply sounds as amazing as it looks.

Can you not just imagine that you’re at a fancy party in Italy, living the glamorous life?

This cocktail sounds like an easy recipe. I’ve got it saved to try one day soon. All I need is Limoncello and Prosecco.

Add some Dahlia Gramma’s Lemon Pie flowers to your gardens. They love full sun and are deer resistance!

Lemon cupcakes are a must at summer parties! Not sure why I didn’t make any this year…(for shame!)

Macarons look great in every color

And finally a lemon cake! The thyme is an interesting mix here, but I bet it tastes good!

What’s your take on lemon yellow? What images does it stir up in your mind? Lemon yellow makes me want to bask in the sun!

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