A Collected Red San Francisco Apartment Hallway

As far as hallways go, this one is intriguing. I love a good hallway that makes you want to explore and get to know the residents of the house. This hallway is from Scot Maecham Wood’s San Francisco apartment. He specializes in cozy spaces, which comes from his love for all things Edwardian, Scottish, and Southern. Plaid certainly seems to be a signature of his.

But this hallway….red is a great color to cozy up a space and that’s just what Scot accomplished by painting the ceiling and bringing it down along the wall a little. The red continues to hug you by being tied in by the traditional runner and the cabinet off to the side. Did you notice the runner sits on top of a traditional black and white diamond floors? To me, that’s a cool surprise. I love the pendant, which gives it a log cabin vibe, and again it ties in, but this time with the antler on the wall.

Y’all know I’ve been on a wall gallery kick, so you know I love this hallway because of it. The grasscloth wallpaper just has that unbeatable texture and beauty to it. I love a good grasscloth wallpaper in any room. I wish I could see this hallway a little better, particularly on the left side. There’s a cool looking statue, but it’s a little difficult to see what exactly it is. Let me know if you can tell (other than it’s obviously a person). With the lights hanging over what looks to be shelves, I bet it’s a book shelf, but I can see coats hanging further on down.

What do you think of this hallway? Doesn’t it make you just want to meander as you investigate your surrounding?


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