Month: October 2016

Top Ten: October Finds

You may have noticed I haven’t been blogging as much this month. Even with hobbies, I need to step back and take a break to prevent myself from getting too burnt out.

This month was more about some self-reflecting moments. I had wanted to step back from blogging to read some more books, which is currently Decorative Carpet and Made to Order as well as some light hearted reading by Rick Riordan. If you haven’t read his stuff, you should! He’s fantastically sarcastic and he’s a teaser. A very funny guy.



The Many Decorative Faces of Skulls

Why do we have such a fascination with skulls? You don’t get a skull until it’s bare down to the bone- after someone or something has passed away, if we’re talking about the real thing. For the longest time, skulls always creeped me out, like its soul was still around and would put a curse on anyone who messed with it. I know such a thing wouldn’t happen, but in our culture, skulls are associated with Halloween and death. Rather semi-negative things.


The Magic of Fall

Have I formally announced how much I love fall? I love the crispness in the air more than anything. It makes me feel alive. I love the changing of the leaves. It adds romance to the air. It serves as a reminder of change. Summer feels too much like the same day everyday, but you can see the change in the world when fall arrives. The days get shorter. The bugs are gone. The leaves change colors. It was always my favorite time of the year to ride horses. I could enjoy the view and the company. I could enjoy the sound of the leaves crackling underfoot. It makes more sense during this time of the year and through the winter to light candles and enjoy not only its scent but its light. And I enjoy hot drinks more. More tea, more hot chocolate, and- dare I say it?- more coffee.


Dreaming of Bringing the Outdoors into the Countryside Living Room

This living room just has me dreaming of the countryside. This room looks like you could be in practically any country in the world- Montana, California, England, France, Italy. I could go on. It’s a very romantic room filled to the brink with nature. As you can see in these pictures, at least one cat and one dog are allowed on the furniture. That indicates nothing is too precious to get in the way of living life. The wooden ceilings are to die for! There’s also pictures of plants along the fire place and the pendant lighting looks to be rattan. I am in love with the detailing of the mirror to the far left. I love the driftwood console table behind the couch. And the books! I would consider myself lucky if I could just have a little library big enough to fill in these shelves.


The Swirly, Curvy Bentwood Rocker

The Bentwood Rocker is one of the most easily recognized furniture. Created by  Micheal Thonet, there is nothing sharp about this rocking chair. It has a beautiful swirly curved design to it and rocks very nicely. The seat and backing are versatile, but originally started out with cane.