Top Ten: September Finds

So, I know this post is a little late, what with it being called “September Finds” and all, but the monthly round ups are one of my favorite series. I couldn’t let this one go.

Temperatures might be plummeting this month, but it’s not quite cool enough to bring myself to get my faux fur throw out of the closet. However, what I have brought myself to do is book a cabin in the mountains for a weekend. I still have a little bit of time in front of me to do some research for things to do, specifically in Bryson City, NC. If you’ve been, let me know what you enjoyed. Cherokee might be nearby, but I can’t be bothered with the casinos as I never win anything. The year I turned 18, I bought lottery tickers every other week or so and never won a thing. I realized from that point on that it’s just not where my luck’s at, so I quit wasting my money on it. Who knows, though? Maybe in 20 years, I’ll feel super lucky enough one day to give it another try.

Anyway, I’ve pulled out my fall decorations. I’ve got some decorative pumpkins here and there as well as faux flowers. (Just waiting for October to roll around to bring out some halloween decorations.) I bought a pumpkin pie candle recently at the Celadon flea market. Cealdon is a local home furnishing store with some pretty great stuff and they’ve got a warehouse nearby. Usually during the summer, they’ll have a flea market at the warehouse location where they bring in a few local vendors who sells art prints, jewelry, pottery, etc, and a couple of food trucks. I thought it was unique that one of the food trucks actually specializes in coffee. You know I just had to try it and I quite enjoyed it. This is also the time when Celadon clears out some of their inventories. I was secretly hoping to find something, but didn’t really. There was a starburst mirror that was just fabulous, but we’re trying not to put holes in the wall of our apartments and it was big enough that I wasn’t sure that command hook strips could support it. I can’t really stop thinking about it, though I’ve got nowhere for it. Probably gone by now anyway. I was also hoping to find very affordable mirrors for my sister, who came with me, but nothing was quite right. There weren’t a lot of accessories there.

Despite the lack of success for mirrors, I was quite pleased to walk away with a seasonal candle and another art print. (I don’t have a problem to admit…yet) After all, a girl’s got to collect something.

1)I thoroughly enjoyed this post’s guideline and breakdown of Traditional style.

2)It’s been soooo long since I just daydreamed the day away…

3)I wish my work space was as inspiring as this one. Then maybe I wouldn’t mind working on Saturdays. Just maybe.

4)If one of your best friends is a canine, why not celebrate it by decorating around the house. I have an art print of an Australian Shepherd.

5)Every now and then we need a little reality check on what it is that we want in a blog and if it’s affordable.

6)This round up had a very nice array of round mirrors. A round mirror is a good way to introduce soft edges.

7)I like Sherwin William’s Poised Taupe as a color for 2017. What are your thoughts on the others?

8)We can all appreciate a good reading nook- a little retreat for ourselves- but what about our canine besties? These are some good stylish ideas for their nooks.

9)I’ve heard of dogs travelling more than me. Even cats. But a chicken and a goat? Lucky them!

10)Rebecca De Ravenel has just recently created one of the most coveted earrings. She’s got good taste in decorating her home as well.

To all my coastal South Carolinians. Bunker down! Or good luck evacuating, which I think is what we’re going to do. Hurricane Matthew is proving to be a strong one. Be careful!

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