The Magic of Fall

Have I formally announced how much I love fall? I love the crispness in the air more than anything. It makes me feel alive. I love the changing of the leaves. It adds romance to the air. It serves as a reminder of change. Summer feels too much like the same day everyday, but you can see the change in the world when fall arrives. The days get shorter. The bugs are gone. The leaves change colors. It was always my favorite time of the year to ride horses. I could enjoy the view and the company. I could enjoy the sound of the leaves crackling underfoot. It makes more sense during this time of the year and through the winter to light candles and enjoy not only its scent but its light. And I enjoy hot drinks more. More tea, more hot chocolate, and- dare I say it?- more coffee.

This is getting off topic a little bit, but this quote by Raquel Fanco makes me think of the Ice Queen. Why is there not a story on Autumn? I once wrote a short story on the Ice Queen, but could never bring myself to write about her sisters. Maybe I could not see their story as clearly I had seen the Ice Queen’s.

Anyway, I seriously need a home in the mountains. That’s where I feel the most effect of fall. It’s definitely the best place to see the colorful leaves. I can’t really speak about if it’s better than just being somewhere in the northeast or not, seeing as I haven’t been in the northeast during fall. But I’m counting down the days until I can get back into the mountains.

Do you guys have a favorite retreat you go to when it’s fall?


  1. I LOVE fall too – usually when we take road trips to see the fall colors (unfortunately this year we haven’t had the time) – 😦 But at least some of the trees around town give me that same color absorption… lol.

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