Moody Cranberry and Fig Fall Room

Fall Moodboard

I’ve had this image in my head for some time now of a glamorous fall room and it’s always with white walls and a few jewel toned accessories. So I imagined this was for a high end client who wanted a glamorous but simple look. And I particularly say high end because I could not find a similar option for the lamp, which is amazing for its detail, and the mirror, though maybe I’m being too picky about how similar it needs to be.

The main colors I kept picturing for this room that would be jewel toned but still fall was cranberry and purple- but fig is a good choice of word as it’s the shade of one of the pillows I picked out. They’re such cozy colors. All at once it makes me think of red wine, fig (as it’s purple on the outside and red on the inside and tends to ripen by fall), sunsets, and fires. I could definitely get cozy on the linen slipcover sofa with pillows in those shades- a full size one paired with a lumbar one. A very good quality of linen slipcover exudes comfy and cozy. It hints at cottagey mountain vibes without really being there. I can’t think of fall without thinking of mountains and all the changing leaves.

I chose to ground the room with a jute rug and a westport side table. There are hints of colors in the rug that picks up on the cranberry and fig as well as the natural wood in the side table. Not to mention that jute has that natural texture.

Continuing to play off nature, I surprised myself by picking the Night Sky Art. It really adds a more moody vibe to the room. I find it easier to really get cozy and settled in when it’s night time and maybe that’s why I picked it. I also liked it for the contrast and pop off a white wall- some drama. And that led me to this amazing ceramic lamp with etched detailing. It truly is a one of a kind, though I did find a similar look in a different shade here.

It is hard to call a room glamorous without gold in it. I don’t know if I could ever own one or if it would be my style, but I really appreciate a good gold antique mirror. I do believe that every room should have one antique piece. For now, bookends will do for me. But this French Napoleon III mirror is a beauty. I love the shape and the detailing of it. With that mirror having a gentle curve to it, a round pendant would play off it nicely. I love its shape. It makes me think of the galaxy, which then takes me back to the Night Sky Art.

And finally, to tie it all up in a nice bow- curtains. To me, curtains can make or break a room. I picked a cranberry/burgundy shade of curtains to tie in the pillows and the hints of color in the jute rug.


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