Top Ten: November Finds

We are getting so close to officially looking for a house that we’re starting to get our act together. We’ve got a list together of what’s important to have in a house (3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a yard) and a couple of things we’d rather not have (Major HOA fees and house/driveway on a main road). A couple of websites have been a big help in re-examining where we can afford to live in the Charleston area.

Since we’ve gone to Bryson City, I don’t have another trip planned. Of course, I’ve started thinking about it: Amelia Island, New England, wine country in California and so my long list goes on. Of course, it depends largely on what kind of house we end up getting, but nothing stops me from dreaming.

November’s here at an end. Are y’all ready for Christmas?

1)I am in love with this Macramé Bedskirt from Lily and Serena. It’s so dreamy and so bohemian.

2)Who doesn’t love polar bears? And who knew there was such a thing as the polar bear capital of the world? Adding this to my travel bucket list.

3)Mark D. Sikes is an exceptional designer particularly known for his signature colors: blue and white. This house is stunning!

4)This house by Greg Natale is swoon worthy! I’m loving all the deep blues and the nods to horses.

5)Not only is her website beautiful (and one of my favorites), Lauren Wells has beautiful pictures, particularly of her trip to France.

6)The Rose Cottage is a cute colorful shabby chic home. Can you believe it’s available for rent on Home Away? I love those floors!

7)I love this Warrior Girl art print. She seems so quiet and refined but you can tell she’s a strong woman.

8)This paint stroke rug is currently my dream rug for the living room.

9)I am really starting to appreciate the modern twist of pillows with tassels.

10)Sarah Barlowmethew is one of my favorite designers, so I thoroughly enjoyed this interview conducted by La Dolce Vita.

Do you think visiting the polar bear capital of the world in Canada is something you would like to do?


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