It’s Winter Wonderland

Is there such a thing as Happy First Day of December? No? Well, Happy First Day of December anyway. And not only that, but the countdown to Christmas really begins now.

Have you ever lived some place where you had snow during the winter and moved away to a place where it never snows? You either love it or hate it. I kind of hate it. What’s winter without snow? It’s just a little strange to me. Granted, I get cold real easy, but I feel like I get cold real easy because it doesn’t get real cold here in South Carolina, particularly the southern parts of it. I lived in North Carolina where we got maybe 3 snow storms (whether they stuck or not is another story) and in Virginia where we got about 6 snow storms. Winter is just amazing when it snows. There’s a new kind of quiet when the snow blankets the world. There’s just peace and beauty, which makes it the perfect time of the year to have Christmas.

When I think of peace and beauty, I think of kindness. The point of Christmas is to show kindness. I’m not going to get too into it, but Christmas happened because of Jesus (Just bear with me, whether you and I believe it or not) and everything Jesus did was out of kindness. After all, how many people do you know who would make a sacrifice like that for you? It’s like this yearly reminder to be kind whether people deserve it or not. Now if only it would translate to an every day thing, which I try to practice, but don’t always succeed. It’s hard being kind in a rough world. It’s nice when Christmas rolls around and you can see some people trying. But the kindness train of thought brings me to this quote below:

I can’t even imagine that someone would think that snow and kindness were an ugly thing. But if you do think the snow is ugly, don’t tell me. At all. Because I love it and there’s nothing better than a great snow day!

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