Dreaming of a White Christmas in a Mountain Home

Everything Ken Fulk does exudes drama with hints of masculinity and timeless classics and this Montana home is no exception. There is so much texture everywhere that you just want to touch it: the stone fireplace, the leather chairs, the fur stool, the wooden coffee table, and if at all possible, those round pendants. And those windows? With what appears to be snow on those trees outside? More eye candy galore!

I love that the Christmas decorations here are abundant but simple. Sometimes all you need on a Christmas tree is a string of lights to add a nice glow. And again, I’m going to mention abundant because that is a very nice abundant of greenery on the fireplace mantle. I love that it feels like these people walked outside, collected a bunch of greenery and flowers and had no shortage in making that greenery to the point of having enough to make a nice bouquet on the table. You may have read or even noticed it yourself, but going au naturel this year for Christmas seems to be the trend

Everything in this room ties in beautifully. The rug pulls in the gray from the stone and perhaps even from those gray snowy days. The wooden coffee table ties in with all the trim in the windows and the ceiling and works beautifully with the golden mustard leather chairs. It also brings attention to the nice taxidermy over the fireplace by having a pair of good looking antlers on it. The black fur stools help keep the room grounded with the little side table next to the leather chairs and ties in with the black pendants and the black ironwork up in the ceiling. And of course, there’s the curtain that ties everything together so perfectly that I wonder if Ken Fulk started or ended the project with it. I love that it’s got a plaid pattern. You almost have to have a little bit of the expected in a mountain home.

You may have seen this home featured somewhere else, but just in case you missed it, get the tour here. 

I don’t know about you, but this fabulous home has got me dreaming of a white Christmas in a stunning mountain home. Actually, it has me dreaming of a white Christmas period.


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