Taking Stock

Making It Lovely is one of my favorite blogs to follow along. When she posted something called “Taking Stock” and shared a couple of links to other bloggers (here and here) who also did it, I just had to give it my best shot. So here goes:

Making: Progress on getting my apartment well designed.

Cooking: Dinner in the evening. Likely Hamburger Helpers tonight. I need to make a cake soon, but when am I going to find the time?

Drinking: Coffee in the morning.

Reading: Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard by Rick Riordan.

Trawling: Blogs, books, and Pinterest. Nothing but good inspiration.

Wanting: Our new house. Like, yesterday.

Looking: Eagle Convex Mirror. Those are such cool mirrors.

Deciding: When I should have my own website. Should I wait for my husband to finish building me one? Should I go ahead and move to wordpress.org and then use the website my husband built when he’s done? Decisions, decisions…

Wishing: For a horse of my own. I miss horses so much that I literally dream of riding them at night.

Enjoying: A good glass of Pinot Noir and movie night with my husband.

Waiting: To save up enough money for my next international trip. Maybe Italy or England or Ireland.

Liking: All kinds of cheese for snacks, particularly Swiss cheese. Been on a kick for that again.

Wondering: About podcast. They’re such a hit and I can see why. But I haven’t really started listening to any because it seems like it would eat into my data plan. I don’t have a big data plan.

Loving: Everything interior design related. It’s a wonder I haven’t driven my husband up the wall.

Pondering: About the universe and a line from Star Trek:  But if the universe is truly endless, then we are not striving for something forever out of reach. For something to be absolutely endless is difficult to fathom.

Listening: Dirty Laundry by Carrie Underwood. Love that song!

Considering: A few pillow options from Etsy, but it’s been put on hold.

Buying: The Secret Life of Pets. As a pet lover, it’s a hilarious movie and totally explains why my dog lays around when I get home.

Watching: The newest Jungle Book. 

Hoping: To read Mercedes Lackey’s version of Beauty and the Beast before the movie comes out next year. It’s called The Beauty and the Werewolf. It’s a slight cross-over with the Red Riding Hood, but still a very good book.

Marveling: At the world we live in. The good and the bad. The blue skies and the gray. The love and the hate. All the different types of personalities that it takes to make this world go around.

Cringing: When it rains around 5 pm during the week. Y’all, rain in Charleston at around 5 pm pretty much guarantees a wreck and a long ride home.

Needing: New clothes. I couldn’t even tell you when the last time was that I bought myself new clothes. We’ve been saving so hard for a house.

Questioning: A lot of things. Right now, it’s how to best take care of African Violets. Some of the flowers are dying. Am I not watering enough? Does it need more light? I’m doing some research.

Smelling: One of the candles nearby. It’s not lit but I smell it every time I’m the vicinity. It’s a Gardenia scented candle that I got as a wedding gift. It smells so good that I can’t bear to finish it off.

Wearing: A good old pair of jeans and a blush pink t-shirt that says “La Di Da” paired with gold hoop earrings.

Following: A lot of interior designers on Pinterest. Seriously, how did we live without Pinterest before?

Noticing: That so far this winter is not the coldest winter ever as predicted. Now that I’ve said that, watch. It’ll hit us so hard after Christmas. So hard.

Knowing: That I have a nice collection of candles and books to get me through the said hard winter.

Thinking: That there’s not ever enough time in a day to do things. Even on lazy days, how can I squeeze in enough time to catch up on my reading and watching movies?

Admiring: Bloggers. Blogging is not as easy as it seems. And how do some bloggers find the time to have a day job and manage to come home and blog in the evening? My evening is always so full that I can’t always squeeze in blogging. (Notice how I forgot last Thursday? Sorry about that.)

Getting: All my Christmas presents wrapped up. It’s all so coordinating in a bit of red and it matches the red in my tree skirt!

Bookmarking: Everything to do with a house. Gotta save those for reference once we move in and figure out what we need.

Disliking: This fluctuating weather. I mean I look ridiculous going out for walks with my dog in 60 degrees weather in my winter coat. I step out expecting to be 30 degrees and it’s actually 70. Yes, it got to 70 degrees here today.

Opening: The door to my patio porch to enjoy what may be the last few days of warm weather. My dog is totally loving it. I’m not opening that door when it’s 40 degrees outside. He loves being outside, even when it’s freezing and especially snowing.

Giggling: Over the Property Brothers. I’ve just started watching their show. They’re a funny pair of twins.

Feeling: Happy. Life never goes according to plan, but I think my life is coming together quite nicely. Still got a ways to go, though.

Helping: My sister decorate her apartment and my mom with her guest bedroom. We’re making some progress.

Hearing: Christmas music. I can’t listen to it non-stop, but I do enjoy hearing it when it’s playing.

Celebrating: Christmas and little victories.

Pretending: I’m a world traveler now that I’ve been out of the country. Once.

Embracing: One lovely day at a time with a cup of coffee each morning.

I enjoyed going through this list. I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for more. Let me know if you do one, but click here to get a blank list.


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