Top Ten: January Finds, Part Two

We are officially homeowners! A few people have jokingly said welcome to the world of debts! I mean, gee, thanks, that’s one way to look at it. Personally, I’m looking at it as a way to really make it our own. I’ll be posting soon on how the progress of our house is moving along. In case you missed it, last week was about narrowing down color selections for basically the entire house- there was no color flow except for beige walls and beige walls were not staying! Our contractor started yesterday on the popcorn ceiling. That came off so easy, it got done in one day as oppose to three. So exciting!

As promised, here’s Part Two of the monthly finds:

1)Cortney Bishop is one of the local designers in Charleston, particularly on Sullivans Island. She also has that coastal bohemian vibe down pat, especially in this beautiful home.

2)I have done something like most of these tips on getting great and affordable art. Because every home needs some art.

3)This post on improving road trips made me laugh. It’s so silly but oh so true.

4)Either I’m buying these myself or they’re going on the housewarming list. Either way, they belong in my house!

5)Occasionally, I love visiting local distilleries, breweries, and vineyards. It only made sense that I enjoyed this post on exploring distilleries in Michigan.

6)Let’s pretend we can’t see the price tag on this table lamp and talk about how in love I am with it! This needs to be in my new house, too!

7)After reading this post, I felt encouraged to start by keeping a list of all the books I’ll read this year. As odd as it sounds, I’m on book #2 and 3. (Yes, sometimes I read more than one book at a time.) I’m not doing one of these lists because I already have a bunch of books I haven’t read yet and that would criss-cross between all these lists. I’d get overwhelmed doing it this way.

8)Seriously, just be happy we’re even outside.

9)Colorful Turkish runners are the bomb.

10)You know I love a good quote, but I especially love a good quote in regards to interior design.

“A room should smile at you and create fantasy.”

-Juan Montoya

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