Touring the Before Pictures

As you know, we’ve closed on a house last week and have already started on the process of choosing paint and new flooring. I don’t know about you, but I love a good before and after tour; however, to start, I need to give you a brief tour of our new house.


Above is our entry hallway. You’ll notice throughout the house that it has got a lot of glorious natural lights. We love, love, love this wide entry. See that doorway off to the right? That’s the entry to the master bedroom, which we’ll come back to. That doorway just to the left (the one that practically didn’t make it into the photo) leads to the laundry room and garage, which you can see below.

The photo above is the master bedroom. It’s much bigger than it looks. I couldn’t fit it all in right without the light affecting how I took pictures. Another photography angle to study. Also in person, this green has a little yellow undertone to it and I’m real weird about green having a yellow tint to it. It makes me see lime green, even if it’s nowhere near lime green, like this bedroom.

This is our master bathroom, in need of major re-configuration. I’m not used to taking showers in a small space like that and the door swings right open into the toilet, which is a pain. But this is another story for a long, long time off in the future.

In the photo above, this is the angle where you turn 180 degrees around from standing in the hallway. This is our living room and bar area. Yes, the bar and bar chairs came with the house. Unfortunately, along with that mauvy chocolate wall color.

I promise my dog is not drunk. Just caught him at a funny moment.

I love that we have a working fireplace. That door to the left of the fireplace leads out to a screened-in porch.

And here’s the kitchen. Don’t worry, we are totally painting over that mustardy gold yellow. We’re not digging it either.

This is our dining room. Check out all the windows! That natural light!

This hallway is back near the entry hallway and leads to a few bedroom, one of which will be a man cave. At least one will be a guest bedroom. I haven’t decided if we’ll have a second guest bedroom or if I’ll take a space as my lady cave.

Jon’s office/man cave.

Bedroom in question. Again, that mustardy yellow will go away. This laminate flooring is in great shape, it was just the way the lighting hit the floor in my photo and I couldn’t fix it. Have you noticed yet how many different flooring we have here?

Guest bedroom.

This is the guest bathroom. Originally we were going to leave the paint color, but it didn’t work out with the trim color we chose.

Yeah, basically everything is getting painted. I think it’ll turn out great, though.

My internet might get spotty the next couple of weeks as we get everything transitioned from the apartment to this house, but I’ll keep you updated as soon as I can.


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