8 Different and Beautiful Green Kitchens

I might be a little late trying to jump on the bandwagon about Greenery, the color of the year, but better late than never!

I was not surprised when they announced a shade of green as color of the year. Green has been rising in popularity and it was particularly noticeable to me the more I saw a variety of green shades in kitchens recently.

Although it’s a shade of color, green is a great way to stay neutral without being all beige, white, or gray. The darker the green, the more drama you add to the kitchen. The more lighter it is, the more it feels like a cottage or a beach house. Which way would you swing? I don’t think I could decide. It would totally depend on where I live. If I lived in the mountains, I would totally go lighter, like this picture below:

If I lived in the city or the suburban (oh, wait! I do!), then I would probably do a little drama like this kitchen below:

What’s even better about green is that it won’t compete with your views outside if at all. I mean, if you have nothing but sand and the ocean for a view while washing the dishes, then, yeah, green might not be the best choice. But let’s not get into the technicalities here. There are exceptions to every rule.

What I love most about green in kitchens is brining in the greenery. I feel more inspired to cook when I have plants in the kitchen because nothing makes me feel more alive than being outside. It’s what I loved the most, next to horses, when I was working on a horse farm. I feel so much more connected, relaxed, and realistic about achievements and dramas, the ups and downs of life. When I’m in the kitchen, I’m making things- creating meals. It makes perfect sense to bring in the things that would keep on inspiring me to create. That kitchen above is the perfect example of that set up, though it saves a little counter space to bring in plants and flowers in art form.

In the photo above is another perfect example of using darker green to create drama. It certainly seems to fit Cameron Diaz’s personality, whether or not you can believe this is her kitchen. (Green with envy!)

I think choosing greenery as the color of the year was an easy choice if they had noticed all the green popping up in kitchens.

Would you try green in your kitchen?

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