Welcome Kali!!!

For as long as I’ve known my husband, he’s always wanted a Rottweiler. Yes, you read that right. A Rottweiler. Courtesy of his sister. She’s had a couple of great Rottweilers and hers were the first time I’ve had any real interaction with the breed, leaving me with some good impressions.

I had always heard they were basically big babies once you got pass their demonic looks. When I first met my sister-in-law’s purebred, Kera- let’s say she has no idea she’s too big to be sitting in your lap. She is a super sweet girl and a perfect example of one of these “aggressive breeds” who is not so aggressive. I know parents hate when you compare raising puppies to kids, but it’s really a similar idea. If you raise your kids right, they’ll be great adults. Same with dogs. Raise ’em right.

Here we are. We now have one of our own. Meet Kali. Her name derives from the Hindu Goddess and the Sanskrit word for “the black one.”

She’s from the same breeder that Kera came from and we got to meet her parents, so we have double the confident that Kali will grow up to be a super sweet dog. Born January 20th, we got to take her home when she turned 7 weeks old. I took both of these pictures above the day we got her.

These two photos (above and below) are her from this past weekend at 8 weeks. I’m not sure if these photos quite capture it, but she has definitely grown in the week and a half that we’ve had her. And yes, this girl has her quirks, like chewing on a pine cone and some of these gumball seeds. She’s a bit of a talker, too. We’re still trying to figure out what some of her sounds mean.

Kali is definitely a stubborn girl. She never does anything just once. She has to do it a couple more times, just to make sure you really mean it, which as I understand it, is typical of the breed. It’s also definitely way too soon to tell if she’s going to be a one person dog or not. Jon read that they can be one way or the other. Right now, it’s looking like she has no major preference over either of us, though she likes Jon just a little more.

Having her in our life is definitely going to be an adventure. The training is going to be an interesting challenge as well.

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