A Green and Gray Dining Room With An Eclectic Mix

It’s been way too long since I’ve been back on here, blogging. Sorry about the disappearance, like MIA kind of disappearance. So much for keeping my New Year’s intentions  of blogging  twice a week. I’m to figure out a routine to get back on track. It’s a little tricky when I’m trying to housebreak Kali. Keeping her in the living room is best where as she has way too much stuff she could get into in the office. The best solution? Getting a laptop. That’s some portable stuff right there. However, a few things on WordPress looks different, so I’m going to need to get my husband to give me a little tutorial.

Designed by Ben Pentreath, this dining room is a fantastic mix of modern and traditional- or eclectic, if you will. Just right up my alley, the use of modern colors with traditional pieces keeps it timeless. The flatweave keeps it casual while the art pieces and the dining chairs suggests hints of history. Pulling green from the map, it adds a sense of relaxed playfulness, but as a deep green, it adds richness. Plus most shades of green is classic with grays. Modern kicks in when your eyes catches the tulip dining table and the fun ikat lamp shades. Gray curtains adds coziness and helps to pull the room together with the walls and the art and helps to keep everything light.

What do you think about this room? Could this be something you could envision in your dining room?



  1. I like this! If I had a dining room, I think it would be a good fit. Too bad I gave away my green glass collection, as I see floating shelves, in place of the 6 smaller pictures, with the collection displayed there. With those in place, I would probably find another home for the lamps. I’m not a big fan of the candles, but they would look good for a special occasion. And I would definitely keep the big map!!

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