10 Things I Loved in May

Kali is finally through her urinary infection (*knocks on wood*) and we are finally able to breathe with her being in the house. We took her to doggie day care today for the first time and she seems to have had the time of her life. She’s been sleeping since we got home and I know Taz has been enjoying the quiet day around the house.

Progress around the house continues to move along slowly. At least it’s moving along at all. I’ve got a few more things up on the wall and eventually will be able to squeeze in a couple of DIY’s with some furniture. I plan to lightly sand and re-stain one and probably paint over the other.

I’m growing my plant collection. I picked out a couple of mosquito repellant plants; it helps just a little. What I’m really excited about are the beautiful hydrangeas in bloom: blue in the back yard and purple in the front. I’m also thrilled with how big our banana leaves plants have gotten. Just like the first time I saw them while viewing the house, I think of our trip to Costa Rica. Speaking of plants, that leads to the first round up of the month:

1)I’m not quite there yet, but I’m starting to take gardening seriously. Nicole over on Making It Lovely is way ahead of me, but it only adds to my inspiration! One day I’ll be like a British lady in her garden.

2) I love that you can use Instagram as an educational moment and that’s exactly what this guy does regarding “the complexities of Western ecology.”

3) Parker and Co. is one of my favorite interior design firms. This particular project is fun in that it peaks your interest on where the animals will pop up. Bringing the outdoors in is just a classic.

4) Another Instagram account that uses it as an educational opportunity. It’s a little refreshing to see a new side of the Middle East.

5) I love reading success stories of women doing what they love, especially if their focus is in interior design. Sometimes you really do just need to make your own rules.

6) I went browsing the other day to see what’s new on Waiting on Martha and boy, does she have some goodies. I’m digging this unique white hands stool. Now that’s a conversation starter piece.

7) I also stumbled across this on Waiting on Martha. The irony is just too funny with this phone charger.

8) This mirror would be perfect for my home: natural touches with some glam. Just the style I’m going for.

9) Look no further for a Southern styled home with a twist. You can tell that a traveller lives here. I love Louisa Pierce’s Moroccan touches.

10) That wallpaper paired with a sputnik chandelier and a tufted yellow chair is right up my ally. Like they said, “eclectic bohemian.”

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