Month: June 2017

10 Things I Loved in June

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in my screened in porch- away from mosquitos. Anyone else have this problem? I really should look into essential oil as I hate spraying myself with OFF! unless I’m planning on staying outside for a while, like doing yard work.

Anyway, the screened in porch is a good place for me to sit and reflect upon things, like how I’m slowly getting the house together (I know I say this all the time!) but no one particular room is ready for a full reveal. But my screened in porch is very close. I just need a few more pillows, a couple more side tables, and about a bajillion plants. I love a good sunroom or screened in porch that just about feels like a lush jungle. I did just happen to discover that one of my growing plants is called a Mexican Petunia and they are incredibly easy to grow from a cutting, so I may need to try that to get started. Fingers crossed that my backyard will be sunny enough for it.



15 Paint Colors I Used In My House

When we bought this house, I knew I wanted to choose paint colors that were natured inspired: blues, greens, and grays. I’ve always been inspired by nature and I am now even more so since this house came with beautiful landscaping. I wanted there to be some flow: greens from the plants, blues from the clear sky on sunny days, and grays from the cloudy rainy days.

If you missed the sneak peek of the wall colors, check it out here as long as you don’t mind camera phones.


Hydrangeas in Full Bloom

My house came with mature landscaping and when we met the sellers at the closing meeting, the wife was kind enough to warm me not to pluck everything up as weeds, that there would be some perennial growths.

It has been an absolute joy to discover new things in the yard. Yellow lilies and a dogwood tree, for example, were a total surprise. Moving in late winter, there were no signs that I’d be getting yellow lilies and I didn’t think dogwoods- the NC state tree (Carolina girl here)- grew this far south. Not to mention they’re usually bare during winter.

Something that was and was not a surprise was the lovely hydrangeas. As there were little to no leaves on the bush, judging by the size and shape, we figured that’s what they were. The fun surprise was waiting to see what colors they’d be.


22 Fun and Unique Outdoor Side Tables



Via La Cool and Chic

You know what the best part about summer is? The sun staying out longer with us.

It makes me feel happier and more productive to have these long days, like I have more hours in a day. One of these productive moments is getting our outdoor space together. We’ve been getting in the mood to host a few parties soon, but even the best abled-body needs somewhere to sit. At least in the patio area to start because when the sun starts going down, those killer mosquitos starts coming out for a meal or ten, sending us running for the screened in porch.