A Seductive, Industrialist Loft

When you hear that someone lives in a loft, it conjures all kinds of images in your head. Usually it’s industrial, but the mood can swing in so many directions from light and airy to dark and moody. A loft often conjures a romantic atmosphere. I think a lot of people will “ooh” and “aah” over the idea of it, which I did when I stumbled upon this image while reading the Desire to Inspire (one of my favorites) blog.

Designed by Huniford Design Studio, this is practically exactly what I would imagine for a stylish loft, but only better. I love that this is a neutral room overflowing from its chalice full of textures. Not only is there shiplap on the wall, but it’s running in different directions and is left in its natural (I assume) state as oppose to being painted the typical white or even black. It plays well with what looks to be a beautiful teak coffee table and that fabulous leather floor pillow/pouf. (I die for a floor pillow, but it would be ruined as my dogs would think its their bed!) You know I love all things horses. That print is just too perfect for this space. It’s a wow factor without taking the center stage. I wish there was a zoom button so I could get a closer look at the other artwork. There is close up here. It almost appears to be a collection of windows that are drawn closed by curtains or are open and has people around it. Now that’s a conversation starter.

Can we talk about that lighting? Another conversation starter, I think. It’s huge and just ah-amazing (that’s been my word of the day)! It fills in the space just wonderfully as I feel like most people use lighting that’s slightly too small, the way they use rugs that are just slightly too small. I understand it’s either a scale thing or a budget thing, but it can sometimes make or break a space. Anyway, you definitely have to have an industrial lighting in a loft. It’s like the signature of that style.

Those blue furniture! The couch! The pair of chairs! I love that they’re in a velvet material, which totally screams LOFT! But they’re really the icing on the cake. The butter spread on the toast. Don’t you think?


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