Bohemian Summer Moodboard


Oh, the long days of lounging in the hot summer sun and getting sunburnt are back! Once Memorial Day’s weekend has passed, it feels like summer has really begun. The heat (and humidity!) really ramps up at around that time. Wouldn’t you just love to be one of these people who have summer homes to retreat to? If you’re one of them, you’re super lucky, but do let me count all the ways I’m jealous! In every shade of green. Speaking of green- well, colors, really-, it’s one of the classic colors for summer, though nothing beats a good combination of blue and white. I could say the sun got to me and got me dreaming up a room, but then I wouldn’t get any credit for being creative! Here’s one way to put together a summery bohemian living room:

  1. Blue & White Striped Lamp– Nothing represents summer better than a good blue and white striped combination and this lamp has got it all, even in the shade. This really adds some fun to the space.
  2. Cubed Side Table Teak wood is one of my favorites. They have such cool shade and shape variation to them. Each one has a one of a kind feeling and most commonly found in bohemian and coastal rooms- a win/win here! Plus it adds a nice clean straight line and a resting place for the eyes.
  3. Jute Rug– Although this link only has a 4 x 6 available, this rug in a bigger size would be perfect! Made of jute, it adds yet another natural element to the room. Natural elements are important when creating a summer room. After all, you’re bringing the outdoors in.
  4. Palm Leaf Ottoman– Covered in palm leaves, this ottoman adds a punch of fun and tropical element to the room. It’s the strongest pattern in the room, leaving the rest to be fairly quiet. I would need to think real hard about it, but I almost can’t imagine a summer room without something tropical. You’ll notice that throughout the board, I added in tropical plants (never mind that I’m obsessed with any tropical plant). Also, let’s pretend the price tag on this doesn’t exist because this needs to be in my living room now!
  5. Peacock Chair– Every bohemian room needs a good rattan peacock chair. It’s just the top signature of bohemian. The chair has a free spirited way about it. Plus rattan is another summer thing because it’s a natural element and it’s a great chair to surround with plants.
  6. Slipcover White Sofa– Slipcover anything sings causal and coastal. A white slipcovered sofa is the ultimate glue in a beachy room. Got to be able to wash away those sands from the ocean, or dirt being tracked in from by the pool.
  7. Blue Tufted Club Chair– While keeping it blue, this tufted chair adds just a hint of elegance because every room needs to feel a little glamorous. And it still feels inviting because it looks deep enough to curl up in.
  8. Rope Coffee Table– This glass top coffee table helps to keep things light and airy while working just as hard to be glamorous. I love the rope detailing on it. Does that not make you think of ropes that you would swing off of into the lake?
  9. Cluster PendantNot only does this lighting feel like an eclectic bohemian style, but the shapes of it make me think of water bubbles! I can’t believe I can’t find the original cluster lighting as you see in the mood board anywhere. I’m in love with them and they totally make this room!  However, I did find something similar here, but it doesn’t quite have the same effect. I did have a silly thought that maybe for DIY lovers, they could probably take this lighting and find a way to cluster it together just perfectly. (I say DIY lovers because I’m not a big DIY person, though I will be trying my hand at a couple of projects soon!)
  10. Similar Coastal Photography: The photograph in the mood board must have been a limited edition/release because I can’t find it anywhere either. It might have been on One Kings Lane not too long ago, because the photographer, Natalie Obradovich, recently had a few works with them that’s no longer up there. However, she has her own website where she sells a few of her own works and I found one thats literally similar. It’s the same place, just a different angle and doesn’t have as many colors to pull the room together. The one in the mood board has the hints of sandy pink that I tried to bring in with a pillow and a bouquet of roses.
  11. Pink Pillow/ Bird Flock Pillow/ Pine Green Pillow/ Green Stripe Pillow: Pillows. You can’t just have one. They’re the icing on the cake. They’re a great way to add in a burst of color and pattern. The green pillows tie in with the palm leaf ottoman. The pink pillow picks up hints from the photograph. And the black and white pillow adds in pattern, interest, and a touch of edginess because that’s what black and white combinations does.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did in creating this. I apologize that I wasn’t able to be more specific and realistic with this room. But with Olioboard, while it’s fun to play around on it, it does have its limitation. It might work out better if I decided to upgrade to the pro level.


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